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For over 22 years, Uvitec imagers are playing a leading role in the molecular biology imaging industry through innovative camera technology, optical solutions and hardware/software integration. Created in 1996 in Cambridge and now a global reference in Life Science research, we thrive to provide state-of-the-art documentation systems with unrivalled sensitivity and performance.


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UV Fluorescence & Colorimetry

High-end geldoc systems
& analysis software

Available in stand-alone or computer-based configurations, our Geldoc imagers offer a large choice of transilluminators and custom filters, ideal for a wide range of fluorescent samples such as DNA/protein gels and colonies, and countless stains, dyes and applications.

Chemiluminescence & Epi Fluorescence

Top-sensitivity chemidoc systems & analysis software.

Fully customizable with infinite possible configurations, Alliance imagers boast the highest optics specs on the market and unrivalled signal detection, ideal for high-demanding applications such as ECL western blotting, epifluorescence, IR/NIR/RGB multiplexing and bioluminescence.