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Ultimate, upgradeable Geldoc system for DNA & protein gel imaging

Platinum Q9

The Platinum Q9 is a one-of-its-kind gel documentation and imaging system offering the best geldoc optics specifications on the market and full upgradeability to Chemiluminescence. Ideal for high-demanding applications and premium research labs with a growing interest into Proteomics and Western Blotting.

Product Features
  • Fully automated & motorized
  • 65,535 gray levels
  • Up to 10-megapixel resolution
  • Upgradeable to Chemi
  • Upgradeable to Chromapure©
  • 7-position motorized wheel

UVITEC-1D Software 1:21

Watch Uvitec’s user-friendliest software in action, through image acquisition and analysis.

  • 1-click to image > effortless acquisition, in no time
  • No manual control > hands-off, automated routines
  • Fully slide-out tray > hassle-free sample positioning
  • All-in-one > acquisition – editing – analysis, straight away
  • Uvipure© technology > enhanced UV for EtBr and all safe stains
  • RGB Biopanel© > blue, green and red light
  • Upgradeable camera > for chemiluminescent western blotting
  • Fully-customizable > 100% adjustable parameters and protocols
  • 6,000,000 pixels > superb, publication-level images
  • 65,535 gray levels > research-level protein quantification
  • 6x zoom lens > responsive optics for a versatile imaging area
  • Passive cooling > reduced noise for clearer images
  • Q-smart darkroom > splendid Alliance-line darkroom
  • Plug-n-play > interchangeable transilluminators
  • Stainless steel > long-lasting, robust instrument
  • 7-position wheel > and up to 18 filters to choose from

DNA and RNA gels with fluorescent stains

Ethidium Bromide, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Safe & Green & Gold, Sypro Ruby, Emerald, Midori Green…


Optional western blotting with camera upgrade

Chemiluminescent/ECL Western blots, dot blots, bioluminescence …

Visible Imaging

Optional Colorimetry and Protein gels

Coomassie Blue, Cooper, Silver-stained, Red ponceau, Petri Dish colonies & colony counting…

Key Advantages
  • Auto-focus > images always crisp, in focus
  • Live-3D mode > unique pre-acquisition tool
  • Customizable > all protocols adjustable, endless possibilities
  • Endless editing > countless tools included
  • Analysis > quantification, molecular weight, distances, colonies
  • Compliances > fully GLP and 21-CFR-part-11 compliant
Soft Geldoc 3D
Soft Geldoc
Uvitec-1D - v18.07
EXCLUSIVELY for Geldoc systems supplied from April 2018 on
Uvitec-1D - v17.08.b
EXCLUSIVELY for Geldoc systems supplied from January 2017 to March 2018
HD images - With screen
HD images - Alone